Friday, February 17, 2012

jQuery.getJSON() – jQuery API: "$.getJSON('ajax/test.json', function(data) {
var items = [];

$.each(data, function(key, val) {
  • ' + val + '
  • ');

      ', {
      'class': 'my-new-list',
      html: items.join('')

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      Turning pages in India  |  Yukon News: "“The man was very sweet and he sort of nodded his head ‘OK,’ and then turned to go,” said Rosemarie.

      But she couldn’t let him leave.

      She asked his name and where he was from.

      His village is called Bharabangal.

      The only way to get there is when the mountain pass melts, unveiling a small donkey trail.

      It takes anywhere from three to five days to walk.

      The man had come to speak with her.

      “When somebody comes to you like that…” she said, raising her eyebrows and lifting her palms. “We’ve figured things out and we’re going to build a library there.”


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      CSS 3D Transforms Module Level 3: "The ‘transform-style’ property defines how nested elements are rendered in 3D space. If the ‘transform-style’ is ‘flat’, all children of this element are rendered flattened into the 2D plane of the element. Therefore, rotating the element about the X or Y axes will cause children positioned at positive or negative Z positions to appear on the element's plane, rather than in front of or behind it. If the ‘transform-style’ is ‘preserve-3d’, this flattening is not performed, so children maintain their position in 3D space.
      This flattening takes place at each element, so preserving a hierarchy of elements in 3D space requires that each ancestor in the hierarchy have the value ‘preserve-3d’ for ‘transform-style’. But since ‘transform-style’ affects only an element's children, the leaf nodes in a hierarchy do not require the perspective style."

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      #24: scrolling with mouse (instead of touch) - Issues - neave/touch-scroll - GitHub: " // Set up transform CSS
      $this.css({'-webkit-transition-property': '-webkit-transform',
      '-webkit-transition-timing-function': 'cubic-bezier(0,0,0.2,1)',
      '-webkit-transition-duration': '0',
      '-webkit-transform': cssTranslate(scrollY)});

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      Indent style - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Variant: 1TBS
      Advocates of this style sometimes refer to it as "the one true brace style" (abbreviated as 1TBS or OTBS) because of the precedent set by C (although advocates of other styles have been known to use similarly strong language). The source code of the Unix kernel was written in this style,[3] as is the Linux kernel.


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      Indent style - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "The topic issue of using hard tabs or spaces is an ongoing debate in the programming community. Some programmers such as Jamie Zawinski[1] feel that spaces instead of tabs increase cross-platform functionality. "

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      marcelduran/yslow - GitHub: "YSlow
      YSlow analyzes web pages and suggests ways to improve their performance based on a set of rules for high performance web pages.


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      c++ - Why does changing 0.1f to 0 slow down performance by 10x? - Stack Overflow: "Welcome to the world of denormalized floating-point! They can wreak havoc on performance!!!

      Denormal (or subnormal) numbers are kind of a hack to get some extra values very close to zero out of the floating point representation. Operations on denormalized floating-point can be tens to hundreds of times slower than on normalized floating-point. This is because many processors can't handle them directly and must trap and resolve them using microcode.

      If you print out the numbers after 10,000 iterations, you will see that they have converged to different values depending on whether 0 or 0.1 is used."

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      Thursday, February 16, 2012

      weka - MetaCost: "This classifier should produce similar results to one created by passing the base learner to Bagging, which is in turn passed to a CostSensitiveClassifier operating on minimum expected cost. The difference is that MetaCost produces a single cost-sensitive classifier of the base learner, giving the benefits of fast classification and interpretable output (if the base learner itself is interpretable). This implementation uses all bagging iterations when reclassifying training data (the MetaCost paper reports a marginal improvement when only those iterations containing each training instance are used in reclassifying that instance).

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      Teachings of Babaji:
      Concentrate energy, conserve it.
      Don't waste anything, use it only when needed.
      Om Namah Shivaya


      All the great sages, saints, yogis and sannyasis that the world has
      seen and all the Messengers of God have achieved all that they did
      through hard work and Karma Yoga. Through Karma Yoga they changed
      Nature itself. Therefore, you must never be disappointed in life and
      you must remember that what even God cannot achieve, you can achieve
      through hard work. Karma is a thing which can even change the course
      laid down by God.

      This is a great teaching for the whole world because Karma Yoga is capable of achieving everything. The work you have done proves this. You can see for yourselves the achievements which you have made in this place through your hard work and Karma. By Karma (action) you can even change the geography and geology of the world; where there is water, you can create land, and vice versa. Karma is a very high form of yoga.

      Saturday, December 17, 2011

      Teachings of Babaji: Being Human
      The message to all of you is that the most important thing in the world is humanitarianism, or humanism. For this, we should sacrifice all our self-comfort. Do not think of yourself or your comfort, but think of others. This is the great humanitarian principle.
      Dec. 24, 1981

      Monday, May 16, 2011

      Be aware. Be awake to what is going on around you. Don't be asleep.
      Be an observer for Babaji. Watch everything with diligence.
      AWAKE NOW. This is my message. Most are asleep all the time.
      Most are like sheep led to slaughter. Be a light unto yourself. Be strong.
      Know that I have come to give. Only to give. Are you ready to receive?
      I give everything. But few ask for the real thing I have come to give.
      The real is not in wealth, not in scholarship, not in power.
      These are what humans crave. These can never provide mental equanimity.
      These can never provide what Babaji offers.
      The real is what you are to seek. The real is what you are to know.
      The real is what you are to own. The rest is maya.
      Don't be attached to what is not real. Don't worry over that which is not real.
      Awake to the real. Observe the real. This is my message.
      The road to the real is through the path of Truth, Simplicity and Love.
      This is what I offer. This is the message.
      This is the Truth. Simplify, simplify, simplify.
      The real is not complex. The simple truth answers the most complex question.
      Observe the simple.
      Seek the center. Contemplate the ground of being.
      The simple created all of this complexity. The simple created maya.
      Truth, Simplicity and Love.
      Think about truth. Think about simplicity. Think about Love.
      Many write about me. Take lovely pictures. Make beautiful music.
      Few write about Truth, Simplicity and Love. They mention it in passing.
      They never delve into it.
      Go into my message.
      This is the message I have given since the beginning of time and space.
      You want real answers. Here they are-
      The answer is...Truth, Simplicity and Love.
      This is the message I have given to evolved sentient beings.
      It is the core of all great religions.
      It is the foundation, the cornerstone, the brick and mortar of the
      sentient being who has destroyed the lower self.

      Thursday, March 10, 2011


      We are living in a galaxy with hundreds of millions of stars. Right now, you are in the galaxy. This is only one galaxy of hundreds of millions.

      I like to do this meditation frequently, and picture the whole of the universe spinning with me, a cosmic dance.

      Wednesday, October 27, 2010

      October 26, 2010
      Not Alone in the Dark
      Looking at What We Don’t Want to See
      The things we don't want to look at in ourselves are the very things we need to look at.

      It is one of life's great paradoxes that the things we don't want to look at in ourselves are the very things we need to look at in order to know ourselves better and to become more fully who we are. The feelings that make us want to run away are buried treasure full of energy and inspiration if we are willing to look. These feelings come in many forms, from strange images or snippets of information to recurring dreams and feelings that rise up seemingly without a reason. Whatever shape they come in, and no matter how scary they seem, these messengers bring the information we need in order to grow.

      When we are tired of pushing something down, or trying to run away from it, a good first step is to write down what we think we are avoiding. Often this turns out to be only the surface of the issue or a symbol of something else. Expressing ourselves fully on paper is a safe way to begin exploring the murky territory of the unconscious.

      The coolness of the intellect can give us the distance we need to read what we have written and feel less afraid of it. It helps if we remember that no matter how dark or negative our thoughts or feelings may be, these are energies shared by all humanity. We are not alone in the dark, and all the gurus and teachers we admire had to go through their own unprocessed emotional territory in order to come out the other side brighter and wiser. This can give us the courage we need to open the treasure chest of what we have been avoiding.

      Within the parts of ourselves that we don't want to look at, there are emotions that need to be felt. Unfelt emotions are stuck energy, and when we leave emotions unprocessed, we deprive ourselves of access to that energy. When we feel strong enough, we can begin the process of feeling those emotions, on our own or with guidance from a spiritual counselor. It is through this work that the buried treasure of energy and inspiration will pour forth from our hearts, giving us the courage to look at all the parts of ourselves with insight and compassion.

      Wednesday, September 22, 2010

      Message from Babaji...

      Be aware. Be awake to what is going on around you. Don't be asleep.
      Be an observer for Babaji. Watch everything with diligence.
      AWAKE NOW. This is my message.

      Most are asleep all the time. Most are like sheep led to slaughter.
      Be a light unto yourself. Be strong.

      Know that I have come to give. Only to give. Are you ready to receive?

      I give everything. But few ask for the real thing I have come to give...